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Back from the arctic circle

Life at 79 degrees north latitude is, in a word, cold. The kind of cold that creeps in under your down parka, infiltrates your fleece and wraps you in a frost lined cocoon. Fortunately, the beauty that goes along with these frigid conditions inspires in one a sense of awe that, despite the environments’ best efforts to the contrary, kindles an inner warmth. Due to the fact that my camera batteries couldn’t witness said beauty and thus warm themselves, I resorted to using hand warmers in a thermal bag to keep them well charged when the temperatures dipped below -20 Celsius.

We didn’t come upon much wildlife…no polar bears, walrus or wooly mammoths. The snow was untracked, but Svalbard isn’t really known for its deep powder…so most of these photos are lifestyle shots capturing our time as 6 people traveling in the most remote part of Earth that any of us have ever experienced.

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